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Pass plus

When you have passed your driving test you can then take the pass plus course, Pass plus is a training scheme for new drivers, pass plus will improve your driving skills and make you a safer driver, It can also lead to insurance discounts.The driving standards agency recommends that pass plus candidates wait for their pass plus certificate before applying for their motor insurance.

Driving Instructor in Cranwell Village

The scheme has been designed by the driving standards agency with the help of the motor insurance and driving instruction industries.

Pass plus will benefit you;

  • Helps you become a more skilful driver.
  • You will gain quality driving experience safely.
  • Teach you how to develop a positive driving style.
  • Reducing your risk of being in a road crash.
  • Save money on your car insurance premiums

Driving Lessons in Cranwell Village

Pass plus is made up of six modules which includes

  1. Town driving.
  2. All weather driving.
  3. Out of town & rural roads
  4. Night driving.
  5. Dual carriageways
  6. Motorway driving

Pass Plus in Grantham

As an indicator of the effectiveness of the scheme a survey carried out by the driving standards agency showed that 93%o of people who have taken the pass plus felt more confident on the road and 89% considered that their driving skills improved as a result of taking the pass plus course. Contact drivetec school of motoring if you want to participate in the pass plus course. Students discounts are available on the pass plus course

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