Terms and Conditions

Like all services Drivetec has its own Terms and Conditions.

Read these rules to ensure that you make the most from your time with Drivetec school of motoring.

  1. Your driving lesson will be conducted on a one to one basis.
  2. Your driving lesson will be for the full agreed time.
  3. A modern and clean vehicle will be provided for your lesson.
  4. Drivetec will provide a vehicle that is insured to cover any Pupil or Instructor.
  5. Your driving instructor can book your Driving Test on receipt of test payment.
  6. The Pupil agrees that they are licensed to drive the tuition vehicle.
  7. The Pupil is to have their licence at all times during lessons.
  8. Each Pupil agrees to show respect and courtesy to Drivetec vehicles and Instructors.
  9. In the event of a mechanical break down or fault the lesson will be rearranged.
  10. You must give 24 hours notice of any cancellation of a booked lesson.
  11. Late cancellation will be charged at the full rate.
  12. Payment is by Cash or Cheque (Valid guarantee card required).
  13. There is a NO SMOKING policy in place during all lesson times.
  14. Anyone deemed under the influence of alcohol, Illegal Substances or some prescribed drugs will be refused tuition.
  15. Drivetec school of motoring reserves the right to withdraw the vehicle from test if the pupil is not up to test standard.

Should you have any Questions or Queries fell free to contact us 

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